Common questions

What Does My Payment Include?

Your payment includes an introduction to the right factory and access to project management tools that will get you through a production run smoothly. The payment is a per-project sourcing fee for matching you with the best vetted factories for your product.

How Does Sourcify Introduce Me to the Right Factory?

We base our introductions around a number of data points like product category, order size, material, past factory clients, reviews, and more.You will have the option to choose from factories that send invoices to complete your production run.

Is Sourcify Secure?

Yes, we pre-vet every factory that we work with. We’ve met most factories we work with and have our own due diligence process to ensure they are legitimate. In total, we work with over 550 factories across the globe.

What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

If you pay and aren’t satisfied with the factory options we provide, we refund you or give you more factory introductions. This ensures there isn’t any risk when working with Sourcify.

Is this Really the Best Way to Manufacture and Source?

If you want to work directly with factories and cut out middlemen then you should use Sourcify. Our goal is to make manufacturing easy and by introducing you to the right factory to work with, we ensure you don’t fall victim to fraud and don’t spend months trying to find a good factory to work with.

Who Uses Sourcify?

Sourcify is used by ecommerce stores, crowdfunding campaigns, and Amazon sellers. We work with clients looking to produce as little as a few hundred units all the way up to production runs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Do I Always Need to Use Sourcify to Manufacture?

If you want to try and find a factory on your own, go for it! We created Sourcify to ensure people have a smooth manufacturing process. If you want to reorder with your factory and don’t want to utilize Sourcify, that is your decision to make. We’d be thrilled to see you use our platform again though 🙂