Sourcing packages for any of your production needs.



Source products from concept to completion

Get quotes from verified factories

 Access your personal production dashboard

 Communicate directly with factories

 Receive a full compliance rundown

 Save time and money

The Bare Essentials

*One time payment per product category.



Source products from concept to completion

Get quotes from verified factories

 Access your personal production dashboard

 Communicate directly with factories

 Save time and money

 Receive a full compliance rundown

 Included Inspection Report

 Priority sourcing support

 Live training session

 Step-by-step production assistance

Most Popular Package

*One time payment per product category.



Includes everything from our previous tiers plus:

 Access to our offices in China

 Ongoing assistance with additional projects

 Get an assigned sourcing expert

 Verified Inspection Report

 Access to our expert sourcing negotiators

The Full Package

*One time payment per product category.

“Finding a manufacturer was one of our biggest challenges. We started with Alibaba and fell victim to fraud. That is when I heard of Sourcify. Our business has changed ever since. We were introduced to a great manufacturer that fit our needs and no longer had to struggle finding a manufacturer to work with.”

Ezra Mosseri - Founder of SLVR Lining Apparel

Speed Up Production

Sourcing through traditional agents or finding manufacturers on your own can take months if not a year before finding the right one. We match you with the best manufactures for your product within a week.

Reduce Costs

Our factories focus on high quality low cost production standards and our team of expert sourcing agents will also fight to negotiate the best price for your product. We’ve helped many of our customers reduce their costs by over 32%.

Send Secure Payments

Sourcify is built on Stripe and Plaid with a variety of ways to pay for your product production. Send payments from within your dashboard directly to the factories you’re working with.

Track Your Entire Product Line

Handle bids, invoices, and track shipments all from a single dashboard so that you can effectively control your inventory flow. Add as many projects as you would like to centralize your production needs.

Create Better Products

We have first hand experience sourcing products from overseas and meet directly with factory owners to determine quality, capabilities and ethics. With offices in the U.S. and Asia we’ve built amazing connections with top factories around the world.

Chat Directly with Factories

Once you’ve accepted a bid on your project you can chat directly with factories in real-time to make sure your product is being built the way you envisioned it.

Common Questions

What Does My Payment Include?

Your payment includes an introduction to the right factory and access to project management tools that will get you through a production run smoothly. The payment is a per-project sourcing fee for matching you with the best vetted factories for your product.

How Does Sourcify Introduce Me to the Right Factory?

We base our introductions around a number of data points like product category, order size, material, past factory clients, reviews, and more. You will have the option to choose from factories that send invoices to complete your production run.

Is Sourcify Secure?

Yes, we pre-vet every factory that we work with. We’ve met most factories we work with and have our own due diligence process to ensure they are legitimate. In total, we work with over 550 factories across the globe.

What is the 100% Money Back Guarantee?

If you pay and aren’t satisfied with the factory options we provide, we refund you or give you more factory introductions. This ensures there isn’t any risk when working with Sourcify.

Is this Really the Best Way to Manufacture and Source?

If you want to work directly with factories and cut out middlemen then you should use Sourcify. Our goal is to make manufacturing easy and by introducing you to the right factory to work with, we ensure you don’t fall victim to fraud and don’t spend months trying to find a good factory to work with.

Who Uses Sourcify?

Sourcify is used by enterprise companies, established brands, entrepreneurs and startups. We work with clients looking to produce as little as a few hundred units all the way up to production runs costing hundreds of thousands of dollars. We’ve worked with WeedMaps, Lume Cube, Thomas Felice and many other brands.