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Global Sourcing

Our marketplace showcases high quality, vetted factories located in over 5 different countries.

Direct Communication

Communicate directly with overseas suppliers to make sure your production run goes smoothly.

Vetted & Verified

Our staff in Guangzhou, China thoroughly vets and verifies each factory on our marketplace.


Our online marketplace makes finding the right supplier easier than ever before.

Sift through pre vetted factories in your product category.

Quickly identify supplier MOQ and factory capacity.

No more fraudulent encounters, contact legitimate suppliers on the platform.

Get reliable quotes back from factories, faster.


Connect with as many suppliers as you like without any costs.

Search for suppliers in your product category on Sourcify’s vetted marketplace, then connect directly with a person at the factory – you won’t find a single middleman here. Spend less time searching and more time talking about production with your future supplier.


“Sourcify enables us to streamline our supply chain, improve our margins, and decrease our lead times. If you're just starting out or an eight figure ecommerce brand, Sourcify is a great solution”

Ryan Beltran

Founder - Original Grain

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