Source products faster

while increasing margins

and cutting lead times.

Join 1000s of other brands who have increased their margins by an average of 32% and have significantly reduced lead times with our streamlined sourcing platform.

Your Personal Sourcing Platform. We take the frustration out of sourcing by automatically connecting you with the best pre-vetted factories for your product idea.

Save Yourself A Lot of Time

Stop searching for suppliers and let them come to you. Once you publish your project on our platform our matched factories will begin sending you bids to start production right away.

Create Better Products

All of our factories have been pre-vetted by our internal team for quality, capabilities, and ethics. With our factories you’re sure to get the best quality.

Get Complete Control

Communicate directly with suppliers, track shipments and manage your entire production run from sample to completion within your Sourcify dashboard.

How it works

Our platform gives you complete control over your production needs. No more middlemen, no more miscommunication, and no more guesswork on product delivery.

  • 1.

    Submit Your Product Idea


  • 2.

    Get Matched with Top Factories


  • 3.

    Review Your Product Sample


  • 4.

    Start Production


  • 5.
    Receive Your Finished Product

At Sourcify we work with
entrepreneurs to international brands
helping them source 100s to 1000s
of private label items
from handbags and apparel
to appliances and furniture.
Let us help you.

As an enterprise company dealing in high volume orders into the millions of units it’s crucial to monitor and cut costs without reducing quality whenever possible. We work with some of the best overseas factories in the world and our internal sourcing agents are expert negotiators when it comes to cutting costs on production. Let us help you reduce your production costs.

You’ve built your brand through hard work, sweat and tears. Let us help you expand that brand by connecting you with the best factories for your product line up. Reduce costs, lower your production times and create higher quality products using our unique sourcing platform.

You’ve been working on your product idea for months. After multiple design iterations, user testing and prototyping you’ve finally nailed it and are looking to move towards mass production. Then you realize it takes an average of 9 months to find a good enough manufacturer. Let us help you find the right manufacturer for your product and instead of months start production in about a week on average.

What are you waiting for?

Finding the perfect manufacturer can take months, with Sourcify it takes on average a week to get your first set of bids from verified factories. Stop wasting time and money when you could have already started production.

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The full sourcing package.

Source your product from concept to completion

Get quotes from verified factories

Get access to your personal production dashboard

Communicate directly with factories

Receive a full compliance rundown

Save time and money